Dr T.E Ngobeni's Services

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is the Most popular Dental treatment to date among our clients . This can vary from Just the desire to have a Bright Smile/clean look (More natural shade of teeth), Or removing stains.

Pediatric Dental treatment

Atraumatic tooth fillings without injection for Children, tooth extraction on the dental chair with care and Patience for the Children , cavity prevention treatment for kids. Tied tongue treatment.

Orthodontic treatment for Children

Treatment of malocclusion and Space maintenance after early tooth extraction in Children

Trauma to the Face treatment

Treatment of fractured jaws, cuts on the face and Lips , Splinting of Mobile teeth after injuries e.g after a car accident, a Fall ect.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Transform Your Smile with Crown and Bridge work and Gingivoplasty ( Shaping enlarge Gums ).

Medico-legal reports

Medico-legal reports for RAF and injury on duty.

Oral Hygiene maintenance

Cleaning Teeth Every 6months is recommendable and it is actually prophylaxis for the prevention of Gum disease and Cavity development . It is also an opportunity to diagnose cavities earlier.

Toothache Management

Toothache is a Dental Emergecy at our office , There are a ways to manage Toothache based on the Diagnosis. We do make provision for same day treatment for Emergencies.

Treatment of Bad breath and bleeding gum

Treatment of Bad breath and bleeding gums starts with a comprehensive extra-oral and intra -oral Consultation - Collection of Medical History from the Client and Xrays. -Diagnosis.

Removable Teeth Jewelry (Grills)

Grills are Removable Gold or silver teeth which can be easily removed by the client anytime at their convenience.

Medical Aid & Cash Accepted (Cash only for after hours call outs)

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